My Pregnancy Diary

Week 16 | Pregnancy Update

9th August 2022

How far along? Week 16+6 Stretch marks? Nope, but the scar from my old belly button piercing is starting to stretch outwards… Sleep? Up and down again this week. I’m wearing my husband’s pyjama shorts and proper maternity underwear and it’s made all the difference, but once I wake up at whatever O’clock, I’m up […]

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Week 15 | Pregnancy Update

2nd August 2022

How far along? Week 15+6 Stretch marks? None yet, but still moisturising daily to ensure my skin is hydrated. I know there’s nothing I can do to prevent them, but the least I can do is look after my skin. Sleep? Worst week of sleep yet. I just can’t get comfortable, none of my pyjamas […]

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Week 14 | Pregnancy Update

26th July 2022

How far along? Week 14+6 Stretch marks? Nope, but I am actively moisturising my stomach daily now as my bump is definitely coming on strong and firming up, so feels like a good time to start prepping my skin ready for more stretching. Sleep? It’s up and down, but the heatwave this week has definitely […]

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Week 13 | Pregnancy Update

19th July 2022

How far along? Week 13+6 Stretch marks? Nope. Sleep? I’m fine getting to sleep now with the help of hugging a pillow and listening to Sleep Stories on the Calm app, but I’m waking up at 3.30am on the dot every morning now desperate for the toilet. However, I’m stubborn when it comes to my […]

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Grey felt folder with Baby Caton Maternity Notes personalised on the front.

First Trimester Recap | The good, the bad and the ugly

14th July 2022

Well, I’ve officially waved goodbye to the first trimester and entered into a whole new realm of pregnancy called, the SECOND trimester.  It’s fair to say, the first trimester was harder than I imagined. Whether you’ve planned for your pregnancy or it was unexpected; and whether that planned pregnancy was a breeze to conceive or […]

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Week 12 | Pregnancy Update

13th July 2022

How far along? Week 12+6 Stretch marks? Nope. Sleep? I’m starting to struggle now, but I think that’s down to being quite anxious for our dating scan on Friday – we’ve had to wait an extra nine days for reassurance, so sleep is definitely not going to happen before then! Best moment this week? Finally […]

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Week 11 | Pregnancy Update

6th July 2022

How far along? Week 11+6 How many tests have you taken this week? Zero. Stretch marks? Nope. Sleep? Far better, despite catching Covid, as this left me more exhausted than usual so sleep was not difficult. Best moment this week? I’ll be honest, no best moment this week. Although Silverstone was great fun, I caught […]

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Week 10 | Pregnancy Update

29th June 2022

How far along? Week 10+6 How many tests have you taken this week? None. Stretch marks? Nope. Sleep? Still struggling at times, but I am now able to take naps easily throughout the day when I get a spare 15 mins to simply rest. So that has helped with the poor sleep at night.  Best […]

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Week 9 | Pregnancy Update

22nd June 2022

How far along? Week 9+6 How many tests have you taken this week? One. Sounds silly, but the very end of week 8 and early week 9 I was feeling great and had zero symptoms. ZERO! Which then panicked me thinking, “does this mean I’m not pregnant anymore?”. So I took a test and it […]

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