29 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

29 weeks pregnant + 6 days

Stretch marks?

Nope, still nothing.


Terrible. I have good and bad nights where getting to sleep can either be a breeze, or take 2+ hours. She’s become more active now and this means I’m woken up by her movements around 2-3am every morning. On Friday night I gave up by 12.30am and went downstairs; I’d given up on all hope of some sleep!

Best moment this week?

Our baby shower! On Saturday we went to my in-laws and both our families were there and had put together the most special day for us. It was so much fun, and we even got a firework display in the evening given it was Bonfire Night.


I can definitely tell she’s running out of room now. At the beginning of the week I woke up from lying on my left side, rolled onto my back to stretch, and my bump looked like she was standing up on the left side, it was so big! I took this very out-of-focus picture because I hadn’t yet put my glasses on, and I’ve drawn what it looked like, because she moved by the time I reached for my phone. 

Photo of how my bump did look before I was able to take a photo

I also feel less kicks, but not less movement. Instead of kicks, I just feel her moving around a lot instead with the occasional punch or kick. When she does manage a kick however, they’re super strong.

I’ve been active on my birthing ball every evening, following various videos on YouTube from encouraging an optimal position from the baby, to pregnancy stretches. I’ve been watching the channel Pregnancy and Postpartum TV which has some great videos for all stages of pregnancy, from the very early weeks through to the fourth trimester. 

Food cravings?

No particular cravings, I think now I have a wholesale box of flapjacks on stand by for whenever that need kicks in, I’ve not felt it as much. However, I am constantly wanting to bake things and always looking at healthier recipes. This week I made these fudgy buttermilk brownies which are amazing, and I think next week I may make a banana bread using the Creatives Nature Wholemeal Banana Bread mix I added to last week’s Gousto delivery.


Quite a few this week…

Tiredness is getting worse, and it’s not helped by getting little sleep most nights. I’ve now started experiencing ‘lightning crotch’ where I get sudden, sharp pains down below.

I’m also noticing that I’m getting hungry a lot quicker now. I have my usual breakfast of weetabix, a banana, and an Alpen cereal bar, all washed down with a glass of water, and within 1.5 hours I feel my belly about to grumble from hunger. I know by this point in pregnancy they say to consume an extra 100-200 calories per day, but to be feeling so hungry so soon after eating is becoming frustrating in all honesty. I’m just making sure I snack more often and have opted for low-fat and either low or natural sugar items like the Graze Cherry Bakewell flapjacks, Light & Free Sticky Toffee Pudding Yoghurts (these are amazing), Caramel Snack a Jacks, or fruit. 

I feel like I’m starting to lose my pregnancy glow a little this week. My skin feels drier and doesn’t look as glowy. However, we finally caved and have started putting the heating on once in the morning and once in the evening, and we’re still going for walks in the cold, so I think it could just be my skin reacting to this. Because even my fingertips are oddly dry. 

I’ve also pulled my back – yay. So if my hip and back ache due to a growing bump wasn’t enough, I’ve now got a pulled muscle to deal with too.

Belly button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off?

They’re still on!

Looking forward to?

Next week I have my second bump measurement taken and it might be the appointment where we talk through my birth plan. I say might, because it all depends apparently on whether they’re running behind or even remember. If not, then definitely my 34 week appointment. 

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