There’s no niche here, just life. When I first started blogging in 2014 with my first blog (which sadly no longer exists), I tried so hard to find ‘my niche’ and focus on one thing, which is mainly why it came to a dead end. In the end, I should’ve stuck with what I was doing, which I am re-doing now, and posted content I enjoyed. Who cares if one week it’s about tips for working from home, and the following week it’s about my new kitchen shelf – our lives vary and things that spark an interest change all the time, so you’ll find a bit of everything here.

End Of The Grey | Our Lounge Revamp

25th October 2023

Before I get stuck into showing the before and after photos of our lounge and where everything is from (although, you’re welcome to scroll right past this babble), I feel like I should give a backstory on why we chose the ‘before’, and why we opted for the ‘after’. When we moved into our first […]

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My Positive Birth Story

13th February 2023

I always wanted a written version of my birth story to reflect back on. Throughout my pregnancy when asking friends and family about their experience, most of them had forgotten a lot of what happened and when. That’s completely understandable when so much goes on during it, and then your mind goes to mush once […]

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Year in Review, 2022

1st January 2023

Another year over, and another year of big improvements. This has certainly been the most challenging year for me, but also the most rewarding.  Taking a break from work for my mental health If you caught my anxiety story, you’ll know I’ve been suffering with my mental health for a while, but in February it […]

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woman lying on a bed with a blanket with a womans hands placed on either side of her head

I Booked a Reiki Session | Here’s What I Thought

10th July 2022

In 2015, I stumbled across an ASMR video as a recommendation in my YouTube feed, and from there I’ve always found ASMR content to be a form of relaxation for me. If you’re not aware of what ASMR is, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is what defines the tingling feeling some people […]

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Trying to Conceive: Our TTC Journey

16th May 2022

Like for many, our journey of trying to conceive had been a rollercoaster of emotions: from being excited, to fearing the worst, and everything in between. Every waking moment is consumed by constant changes in emotions over trying for a baby. No matter what you do though, it only gets harder as each new cycle […]

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7 Tips for Working From Home

7 Tips for Working From Home

13th March 2021

These 7 tips for working from home could apply at any point within your career, but now more than ever whilst we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Over the years, working from home has never been an option for me, usually because of micro-management. But since starting my current role, I’ve had the […]

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