28 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

28 weeks pregnant + 6 days

Stretch marks?

Still no sign of them. Although, my husband pointed out “a line” and it didn’t half make me panic (I don’t even know why, as it’s really not that big of a deal, it’s natural), but turns out it was just a mark left from the seam of my pants – a sign they’re getting a bit tight now!


Getting to sleep has been fine this week, I’m falling asleep pretty quick actually. But I’m still waking up around 4am every morning and unable to get back to sleep afterwards. I’ve been loving the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and also my weighted eye mask. But I recently bought some self-warming disposable eye masks by Eve Taylor from a local stockist, and they’re so nice. I’ve put some aside for my birth bag!

Best moment this week?

I had my first measurement taken and although the baby is measuring big (90th centile), it was nice to tick off another ‘first’ this pregnancy. I also got to listen to her heartbeat again and she was certainly active throughout!

Miss anything?

General comfort still


Still strong and frequent, there’s no stopping this little bean. But on Saturday I woke up a lot later than usual and I think this completely threw off her usual routine as I didn’t feel the usual pattern of movements. Once it got to the late afternoon though, we seemed to get back on track and she’s been her usual self since. So I guess there’s pros and cons to finally managing some extra sleep! I also felt her first hiccups this week too.

Food cravings?

The flapjack craving has returned, but less strong than the first time. Instead of baking some myself, I ordered a wholesale box of the Graze Cherry Bakewell flapjacks off Amazon – they’re so good if you’re looking for a healthier alternative for a filling snack. Them and their Lemon Drizzle flapjacks are so good! I was originally signed up to Graze for a weekly box for around 2 months during my pregnancy, but then I found I had fixated on the same diet almost daily from there so decided to stop as I wasn’t rushing to eat anything other than their flapjacks.


A lot of pelvic pain, right in the centre. It came on strong at the beginning of this week which I put down to doing a day in the office; so driving, walking up and down lots of stairs etc. all having an impact, but the next day after a decent sleep (apparently I even snored which is unlike me) it continued. Now it’s been my main issue.

I also had my anti-d injection on Friday which left we a little tired and a headache, but surprisingly my arm was fine.

Belly button in or out?

Half in, half out. The top half is definitely out, but the bottom half is just on the edge. Give it another week or two and I reckon it’ll be out.

Wedding rings on or off?



Good, just low when I’m tired or suffering with my pelvis.

Looking forward to?

We have our baby shower this Saturday! So we’re excited to have both sides of the family together. We’ve no idea what the plan is, as it’s all been planned without our input, but looking forward to it.

I also have my 2nd covid booster on Monday. I’m not looking forward to that part, but I’m looking forward to knowing this is the last vaccine/injection I need for the remainder of this pregnancy now, as long as all continues to go well.

Also, although it’s still 7 weeks away, I’m looking forward to maternity leave. I’ve been enjoying the distraction of work up until this point as it’s made time go a little faster and stopped me fixating on what’s to come. But, I’m ready to slow down and relax now before she’s here, so maternity leave will be welcomed with open arms come 5pm on 21st December!

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