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37 weeks pregnant + 6 days

Stretch marks?



Started off well when continuing with the late nights and longer lie-ins, but on Friday we needed to get up early and it threw a spanner in the works. I tried going to bed a little earlier, around 12am, but I laid wide-awake for hours and was up every 1.5 hours for the bathroom – by far the most toilet breaks I’ve needed throughout the night!

Best moment this week?

Although the circumstances weren’t ideal, we did get to see the baby via a growth scan yesterday! We’ve been in triage three days in a row since New Year’s Eve due to reduced movements (which was fine in the end), followed by thinking my waters were leaking on New Year’s Day (which they weren’t), then our growth scan yesterday which turned out perfect – she’s on track still and has an estimated weight of 7lb 4oz. However, I know to take estimated weights with a big pinch of salt.


Other than the reduced movement scare on Saturday, she’s still giving strong kicks and getting her foot stuck in my ribs. On Saturday I felt hiccups, but had been advised in the past not to count them as movements, then two kicks. That was it all day, so come 3pm I was of course starting to panic and rang triage. Turns out she had turned back to back which she hadn’t been before, or not since her movements have been so strong at least, so I wasn’t feeling her as much. 


Unfortunately, a lot of dizziness due to low blood pressure. My blood pressure isn’t worryingly low, just borderline, which I’m reassured is normal to experience at this stage of pregnancy due to a big shift in hormones now labour is just a couple weeks away, if not any day now really!

Wedding rings on or off?



Good, but today my husband is back at work which means I’m now on my own in the house with no work to distract me (maternity leave officially begins today as the past 12 days have been holidays instead due to Christmas). Although I’ve spent the past almost three years working from home all day on my own whilst my husband continues to commute to work, it’s the fact I’m now home alone with no work distraction and perhaps no more than two weeks away from giving birth, it’s made me feel a little nervous. So, I continue to follow my hypnobirthing techniques to stay relaxed.

What also hasn’t helped today, and has definitely brought on some anxiety symptoms I haven’t experienced since early 2022, is the amount of messages I’ve received asking whether I’m close yet and to keep them updated. I never thought that’d bother me too much, as it’s nice to know others are thinking of you, but when I had four messages within the same hour window, one of which was even HR from work, it felt overwhelming. I responded to one today, and I’m just going to slowly reply over the days so I don’t have too many of the same conversations at once – hopefully that’ll help!

Looking forward to?

My 38 week midwife appointment on Thursday, followed by a reiki session. Hoping the 1-hour of pure relaxation will help keep me calm and relaxed. It’s also my husband’s birthday tomorrow, so although he’s at work, I’m looking forward to celebrating with him when he’s back. His last one without a daughter!

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