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38 weeks pregnant + 6 days

Stretch marks?



It’s been up and down again. The only decent sleep I got was Sunday night when I fell asleep around 1am and didn’t wake up until just past 5am for the toilet – that’s the longest I’ve managed to go in a while between night time toilet trips!

Best moment this week?

I’ve managed to collect 7ml of colostrum! I started at 37 weeks pregnant, but I had no luck – only a drop or two which I couldn’t even get into the syringe. After trying most of that week, I gave up for a couple days then started again on Thursday and managed to collect 2ml that day. I’m leaving it at 7ml for now as I can find myself getting a little frustrated when I have one session where I get nothing, so I want to avoid situations like that now.

My bump looks like it’s dropped slightly, and I’ve started experiencing Braxton Hicks more regularly over the past couple days, alongside some mild period cramps. I’m mainly only experiencing these in the evening, but last night was the strongest as we were standing in the kitchen and my bump felt solid and tight with no pain, then two minutes later it happened again but the tightness spread round to my lower back. I experience this and then it goes until the following evening – hopefully a sign that labour is creeping up on us!


I can feel her moving much lower down now which is exciting, but also adds a lot more pressure down below which is even more uncomfortable than before. Also, when she kicks my ribs I experience a sharp pain, whereas before it used to just be slightly uncomfortable.


The usual at this point: pelvic girdle pain, fatigue, increased toilet trips. My appetite also keeps increasing from time to time. On Saturday I had weetabix, a banana, a cereal bar and two shortbread biscuits for breakfast with a glass of water, and no more than 1.5 hours later I was starving! But after a Subway meal deal for lunch my appetite settled back to normal. I need to stock up on snacks again which is a monthly task, as right now all I have to snack on is the huge amount of chocolate we were given over Christmas which is great, don’t get me wrong, but not the best nor is it fuelling my body the best way.

Wedding rings on or off?



Mainly good, but I have found myself getting more anxious which I mentioned in last week’s roundup also. My husband is back at work and every little twinge I get which clearly doesn’t move me any closer to being in the early stage of labour leaves me feeling a little deflated. I know I’m still a week away from the due date, and she could still be ‘overdue’, but I just feel so ready to get this show on the road! 

Looking forward to?

Next week I have my 40 week antenatal appointment and will be having a membrane sweep during that appointment. I’m excited for this as I know this could really get things moving in the right direction.

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