My Pregnancy Diary

I started this pregnancy diary as a simple way for me to keep track of my weekly progression through my first pregnancy as something to look back on. It’s easy to forget things throughout your pregnancy journey, especially as you reach the end of the second trimester and the weeks start to fly by (in my experience), so this maternity diary is a nice way to record all the highs and lows.

No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at, you can start with my early pregnancy diary from 4 weeks pregnant, through to my current stage of 29 weeks pregnant.

32 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

29th November 2022

32 weeks pregnant + 6 days Stretch marks? Still none! Sleep? Terrible still. I had a couple mornings where I was up from 3am just sat downstairs either scrolling through Instagram, doing some crosswords, eating a very early breakfast, or just trying to fall asleep on the sofa to no avail. Best moment this week? […]

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31 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

22nd November 2022

31 weeks pregnant + 6 days Stretch marks? Still none! Sleep? Mainly terrible, with some days starting work at 6.30am simply because I was up already. But over the weekend I actually had decent sleep followed by a good nap to keep me going, so feeling more refreshed this week to be honest. Best moment […]

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30 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

15th November 2022

30 weeks pregnant + 6 days Stretch marks? Still none. Sleep? Much better! I’ve tried a new night routine which involves showering right before bed, rather than in the mornings. It’s made so much difference. There’s still a few bad nights, like last night, where I’m just so uncomfortable that sleep takes hours to achieve, […]

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29 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

8th November 2022

29 weeks pregnant + 6 days Stretch marks? Nope, still nothing. Sleep? Terrible. I have good and bad nights where getting to sleep can either be a breeze, or take 2+ hours. She’s become more active now and this means I’m woken up by her movements around 2-3am every morning. On Friday night I gave […]

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28 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

1st November 2022

28 weeks pregnant + 6 days Stretch marks? Still no sign of them. Although, my husband pointed out “a line” and it didn’t half make me panic (I don’t even know why, as it’s really not that big of a deal, it’s natural), but turns out it was just a mark left from the seam […]

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Grey felt folder with Baby Caton Maternity Notes personalised on the front.

Second Trimester Recap

25th October 2022

The second trimester was far more positive than the first trimester, but it still had its ups and downs. Let’s start with the positives… Pregnancy Glow – I was greeted with this quite early on and I’m so thankful for that. The difference it made to my self-esteem, even when there were times I still […]

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27 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

25th October 2022

27 weeks pregnant + 6 days Stretch marks? Nope. I’ve continued using my favourite Almond Milk Body Butter which has been helping keep my skin hydrated, so that coupled with no rapid weight gain I think is a match made in heaven! Sleep? Same as last week, it’s on and off. I haven’t struggled as […]

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26 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

18th October 2022

26 weeks pregnant + 6 days I lost track of these weekly updates as appointments and movements started to pick up. As there was no way I could backtrack and even attempt to fill out the missing ten weeks, I figured I’d just pick it up from my current week (week 26 – oh my […]

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16 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

9th August 2022

16 weeks pregnant + 6 days Stretch marks? Nope, but the scar from my old belly button piercing is starting to stretch outwards… Sleep? Up and down again this week. I’m wearing my husband’s pyjama shorts and proper maternity underwear and it’s made all the difference, but once I wake up at whatever O’clock, I’m […]

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