34 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

34 weeks pregnant + 6 days

Stretch marks?

Still none!


Terrible again, except for last night when I got a solid 4.5 hours sleep which left me feeling so refreshed! I feel like 4 hours is the minimum amount of sleep I require to feel like I can function now. 

Best moment this week?

Hearing her heartbeat again, and also finding out she’s head down and in a good position ready to go! That was reassuring, and means her punches are just as strong as her kicks, as I’ve never been able to tell the two apart which often left me wondering if she was breeched.


I started the week off by waking up at 5am for yet another toilet break, to look down and find the right side of my bump had a huge lump! I gave what I think was her bottom a poke and watched her shift position – although I’m used to feeling her move every hour of the day and night, it still fascinates me.

Food cravings?

None, but I’m definitely becoming more relaxed around indulging now, which means consuming a lot more cake and chocolate. But hey, it’s Christmas!


Breathlessness – I’m so short of breath from simply talking or shifting position in my chair or in bed.

Pelvic girdle pain – this sadly remains and won’t go away until after she’s born (hopefully it goes away). I was almost in tears over the pain earlier this week, which makes me wonder how I’ll cope in labour! 

Wedding rings on or off?


Looking forward to?

Next Wednesday is my last day at work until February 2024! I’m so excited to finally log off after a challenging year at work and start relaxing, ready for Baby Caton’s arrival.

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