35 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Diary

35 weeks pregnant + 6 days

Stretch marks?

Still none to be seen.


It started off well! I was that exhausted when 34 weeks pregnant + 6 days after doing 8.30am – 5.30pm in the office instead of at home (we had lots of Christmas activities on the go), that I went to bed at 9pm and didn’t wake up until 4am for my first toilet break – it was bliss! Then the first night at 35 weeks pregnant I slept from 11pm – 6am without waking up once – how my bladder did not burst is a miracle. Then on Saturday we had a long 11 hour day of socialising with a surprise baby shower organised by friends, followed by a games night at my in-laws. We didn’t get home until 1am and I was out like a light until 7am for a toilet break, then back to bed until 10.45am – heaven! However, that then impacted Sunday night’s sleep – just can’t win.

Best moment this week?

We went to a friend’s for a ‘catch-up’ and it turns out they organised a baby shower with lots of games, it was so much fun! Really lovely surprise, and sticky bean truly is spoiled with all the gifts and love. 

Food cravings?

No cravings, but I am always wanting fresh fruit (I think more to help with staying hydrated) and I think about cake a lot…


Pelvic girdle pain continues, which has its good and bad days depending on how much moving around I’ve done. This week it dropped to -10c at one point and didn’t go above 0c until yesterday when it jumped to 13c – British weather is so weird. So we’ve not been able to safely go out for a walk for a while as the ground has been too icy, and I’m not in the position to be taking any risks at 35 weeks pregnant! But I think the lack of walking has caused a lot of stiffness in my joints, which doesn’t help with general aches and pains.

Exhaustion – despite overall having a great deal of sleep this week compared to prior weeks, I’m still exhausted 24/7. On Sunday after sleeping in until 10.45am, we had food then nipped to a local garden centre to finish off some Christmas shopping and I fell asleep on the way. It’s a real struggle these days, so I definitely notice how much energy a baby takes from you in the third trimester compared to the second trimester or first trimester

Wedding rings on or off?

On, but my fingers have definitely gotten a bit fatter…

Looking forward to?

Tomorrow is my last day of work until February 2024! I can’t quite believe I’m lucky enough to work everything out to get 13 months off, but I‘m so excited. I don’t think it’ll sink in right away that I’ll be on maternity leave though, as I’d normally finish work this week for Christmas, so maybe when my husband goes back to work in early Jan and I don’t, that’s when it’ll start to feel like maternity leave. We’ll see! We also have our 36 week check-up on Thursday to ensure the bump continues to measure on track and that she’s still head down. I’m also having a GBS Strep B test done at this appointment which I’m not looking forward to.

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