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6 weeks pregnant + 6 days

How many tests have you taken this week?

Three – I said last week I’d take no more, but when I woke up on the morning of the first day of week 6, I had brown spotting again. There was more than when I had this in week 4 and instantly it got me panicked. It wasn’t coupled with any pain or cramping, just spotting. So, of course I headed to Boots to pick up some more tests and keep an eye on it. Luckily this only lasted 24 hours.

Stretch marks?



Sleep has been rough. I’ve not been able to get comfortable at all, despite even buying a pregnancy pillow to help with sleeping on my left side (and staying there). I think I’m just nervous about all the things you can read online about which side to sleep on etc. that I’ve forced myself to stay only on my left side. 

Best moment this week?

Telling my husband’s family we’re pregnant. We’ve been in Scotland with them this week and on the second day we decided to tell them. It was so nice to see them excited about it, but also to easily say no to doing or eating something because I feel sick, without feeling like I needed an excuse or to lie.

Miss anything?

Being able to eat anything without feeling or worrying about being sick.


Not at this stage.

Food cravings?

No cravings, but I’ve really loved a cucumber and cheese sandwich this week. That just hits the spot!

Anything make you queasy or sick?

Where do I begin? Mushrooms and garlic is a no-go for me now; I’m now put off red peppers which is the first food I’ve brought up; baked beans remain off the cards; and the look of an egg – not the smell, just how they look – makes me queasy. Also being out for meals makes me feel sick – I think it’s more because I’m nervous I will be sick, as I’m at that stage where I’ve no idea what will set me off, as it’s just hitting me out of the blue.


Week 6 has been fun…

The exhaustion is now 24/7 rather than at certain times of the day or evening. The fact I’m struggling to get to sleep due to discomfort is making this worse, which is probably why I’m always exhausted. Always cold – even when it’s been warm out, I feel cold. I get the shivers easily and when I go to bed, I find myself feeling tense due to being cold, but I worry about layering up too much as I know my core temperature is around the 37c mark currently. Then of course, the sickness. Week 6+2 was the first day I was physically sick, not just feeling it. I was eating a veggie burrito, which I was loving by the way, and a couple bites towards the end it’s just like my body (or sticky bean) decided it wasn’t for them. I was dry heaving in the car drive back to the cottage before finally being sick due to the smell of the cows we passed, then ran upstairs to finish off whilst my husband waited patiently and informed my in-laws what’s up. Then there are the sore boobs. Oh my gosh, they hurt so much in the mornings when I first get out of bed, then continue to be tender all throughout the day. They’re non-stop now. They’re also looking a lot bigger and fuller these days.

Belly button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off?



Good, I’m just exhausted which probably makes me feel a little low sometimes.

Maternity clothes?

Nothing new yet.

Looking forward to?

Our first scan on Monday! It feels like we’ve had to wait a lifetime, but I’m so excited. We’ll then decide if we then tell my family afterwards or wait another week or two!

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