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5 weeks pregnant + 6 days

How many tests have you taken this week?

Four – two non-sensitive tests and two digital ones to tell us how many weeks. The first digital test showed 2-3 weeks and two days later it showed 3+ weeks which made us happy, and relieved. From the first test we took at Week 4+2, we got a very strong line. Since then I’ve taken daily tests up until Week 5 where we didn’t notice any line progression due to the first being so strong anyway. So seeing the difference in weeks on the digital one was reassuring and also aligned with what the tracker app was telling me. I won’t take anymore now, as I won’t be able to notice any progress now I’m sure, as I’ve also maxed the digital tests!

Stretch marks?



The first half of the week was fine, but I’m now taking a bit longer to get to sleep and am irritable all the time. I just can’t get comfortable; I’m either really cold or really hot in the night, no inbetween; and I’m no longer waking up feeling refreshed.

Best moment this week?

Seeing the progression in the digital pregnancy test go from 2-3 weeks to 3+ weeks was a highlight for me. Knowing the tests were progressing was so reassuring for me.

Miss anything?

Nothing I can think of!


Not at this stage.

Food cravings?

No cravings, but I do find the moment someone mentions a particular meal or food item, I’ll then want said food. The moment I’ve had it, I’ll then forget about it and not be fussed about eating it again. My husband mentioned a curry, but we already had tea sorted. Then we were driving home the next day and they were talking about curry on the radio and I really wanted it again. I kept thinking about it all day long. Then once we eventually had it, I’ve not thought about it since. Whereas before, yes I’d fancy something if someone mentioned it, but it wouldn’t be like my sole focus food-wise.

Anything make you queasy or sick?

Baked beans – oh my gosh. I found this out on Sunday when my husband was cooking lunch and had poured half a tin of beans into a saucepan, and left the other half in the tin sat by the fridge. I opened the fridge and instantly after smelling the tinned beans I was dry heaving and ran into the lounge. He got rid of the beans so I could go back into the kitchen, but the smell of them cooking away was making me feel sick too – I couldn’t escape it!


I’ve started peeing a lot more. The bloating has been on and off this week – it’s definitely there 24/7, feeling so uncomfortable, but I have good and bad days with it. Breakouts across my chest, upper arms, chin and forehead. Tender boobs – this has gotten worse this week. Irritability – I’ve noticed the last half of this week that I struggle to get comfortable, like I’m just never satisfied when I’m lying down or sitting on the sofa. Change in taste – water now tastes funny to me, and strawberries taste different. I noticed these two as I have them daily, so it was easy to spot the difference.

Belly button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off?

On – and I do hope I don’t have to remove them at some point!


This varies depending on whether I’m working or not. At work, I don’t have the patience for anyone/anything and have noticed I’m becoming quite abrupt in some calls and just openly honest when something is not working. It’s not a bad thing to be transparent, but it’s just very unlike me to be so casual about it and not feel anxious prior, during, or after speaking my mind. I kind of like it, but I can tell it’s come on strong since day one of week 5. Kind of like a “new week new me” approach to work haha. 

Maternity clothes?

I bought some maternity tights. It’s getting warmer now and the maternity leggings I was able to find in my size were thicker ones, so I figured the tights would be best for me right now. They’re certainly a lot more comfortable around my bloated stomach. 

Looking forward to?

Our first scan! This is the main thing we want to see right now. I know everything is fine with me and sticky bean (our nickname), but to have that visual reassurance that everything looks as it should will just help put my mind at ease. But on Friday we travel to Scotland for one week and it’s going to take all the strength from both of us not to mention anything to my husband’s parents. We’re actually considering telling them as it’s been playing on both our minds a lot. One thing for sure is, after Scotland I’m looking forward to not having any social plans already booked in for a while, as it’s been non-stop since the day we found out, which I’ve found overwhelming when we’re also at this point in early pregnancy where we’re keeping it all a secret. 

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