My Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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After trying to conceive for over a year, I was no stranger to trying to spot early pregnancy symptoms. Every little change in my mood and body left me thinking, “could this be it?”. Every little twinge or ache had me believing it could be implantation cramps. Funnily enough though, the month we finally found out I’m pregnant was the month I didn’t really do any symptom-spotting, despite me definitely experiencing first signs of pregnancy. I had just finally got into a positive mindset that it’ll happen when it happens and relaxed more.

Bloating at 4 weeks pregnant which soon forced me into maternity jeans very early on.

My First Signs of Pregnancy

There were a few signs which made me think, hmm this could be, but like I said, I was more chilled by that cycle and didn’t dwell on it much more than that. So, here’s my early signs of pregnancy* in the week leading up to my positive test for my first pregnancy.

  • Hip ache
    This started around one week before my period was due and I simply put it down to a side effect of having a HyCoSy that cycle (a day or two before I ovulated). I had experienced a lot of cramping for days after that procedure, so I didn’t really give this a second thought. Looking back however, this may have been my first sign of pregnancy as this hip ache lasted the majority of my first trimester.
  • Bloating
    There’s nothing unusual with me suffering from bloating before my period was due. However, this bloating was far worse than what I’d experienced before as it was there the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to bed – 24/7! This stuck with me until I was around 8 weeks pregnant.
  • Sore boobs
    Like the bloating, this wasn’t unusual for me when my period was on its way, but this started a couple days earlier than usual and lasted up until I was 9 weeks pregnant.
  • Veiny chest and legs
    This was one of those early signs of pregnancy I’d read about, but hadn’t clicked when I first spotted it. My calves had very prominent veins that weren’t raised, they were just very visible under the skin. Then a couple days later I started to notice this on my chest too. This has remained in place throughout my whole pregnancy to date, even spreading to my bump.
  • Hunger
    It didn’t matter what I ate or how much, I was constantly feeling the need to eat. I never used to be a breakfast person and will admit I always skipped it. But since I was 4 weeks pregnant, I’ve never skipped breakfast – it really is my most important meal of the day!

What were your early signs of pregnancy? Any early pregnancy symptoms you can remember?

*These are symptoms I experienced in the week leading up to my first positive pregnancy test. This is not claiming these symptoms are guaranteed signs of pregnancy, but I’m just sharing signs and symptoms I experienced at the time, which also stuck with me way into my first trimester.

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