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8 weeks pregnant + 6 days

How many tests have you taken this week?


Stretch marks?



It’s gotten better this week, but I’m feeling a lot warmer all the time so I figured I can only sleep comfortably without pyjamas. 

Best moment this week?

We had our first midwife/antenatal appointment which was another new thing for us to experience which was exciting. 

Miss anything?

Being able to go a day without feeling sick or dry heaving at random times.


Not at this stage.

Food cravings?

I’m not sure if it’s a craving at this stage, but I’ve stocked up on frozen jacket potatoes and love having these on the side with my meals and for lunch.

Anything make you queasy or sick?

At this point, it’s just random. Food wise I really can’t stomach coffee or garlic as a smell – so bizarre as they’re two things I used to love the smell of, and although coffee was never something I consumed, garlic was something I’d have every other day and now can’t stand the smell of it, let alone eating it.

I had a couple days off from feeling nausea which was refreshing, then around week 8+2 it just got worse; we were cleaning out the rabbits which has never bothered me in the three years we’ve had them, and I had to dash for the toilet to be sick. I felt sick for hours after that. That evening I was on the sofa minding my own business and suddenly had the urge to be sick. It’s weird though, I can eat a full meal straight afterwards…


Morning sickness is far worse than before this week – no longer just feeling sick, it’s a lot more dry heaving and actually being sick. Boobs are still tender, but have calmed down a bit. I’m sneezing a lot more lately, but I doubt this is pregnancy-related and more to do with hayfever however, when I sneeze I feel a sharp pain in my pelvis – I’ve read this is down to ligament pain due to the uterus growing at this stage. Then the tiredness has just increased: I’m struggling at work and although I work from home, I’m struggling to stay engaged in meetings, I’m  starting to take myself off for lunch-time walks to get the blood flowing, and I’m starting to go to bed around 9pm.

Other than that, other symptoms have started to disappear like skin breakouts, bloating and visible veins.

Belly button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off?



Overall I’ve felt really good and happy, even alongside the sickness and extreme tiredness.

Maternity clothes?

No more buying at the moment. I’ve just been wearing loose fitting clothes.

Looking forward to?

Our dating scan and coming out of the first trimester!

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