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10 weeks pregnant + 6 days

How many tests have you taken this week?


Stretch marks?



Still struggling at times, but I am now able to take naps easily throughout the day when I get a spare 15 mins to simply rest. So that has helped with the poor sleep at night. 

Best moment this week?

Nothing stand-out this week, just waiting for our dating scan next week!

Miss anything?

Being able to go a day without feeling exhausted – I simply have no energy and it’s affecting me socially lately. 


Not at this stage.

Food cravings?

Nothing in particular, but I did have a bag of sliced apples from ASDA and they were the juiciest and tastiest apple slices ever – I’m already thinking about a trip to ASDA just to buy some more. 

Anything make you queasy or sick?

The sickness from week 9 stopped after around five days, so this week I’ve felt really good and back to normal. Nothing has made me queasy or sick to be fair, so I’m hoping (touch wood) I’m over the worst of it. 


Exhaustion continues to be the number one symptom now – my energy levels are low and all I can think about is, “when can I go to bed?”. I am starting to get a mini bump now too! I know at this stage a lot of it is still fluid and general bloating, but it’s all at the front now rather than at the sides like I get with bloating, and is starting to feel firmer rather than the usual “jelly belly”.

Belly button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off?



A lot better this week now the sickness is over!

Maternity clothes?

No maternity ranges yet, but I did order a pair of jeans in the next size up due to my belly getting bigger now. I’ve also opted for dresses now with either a tie waist or elasticated waist which will come with me throughout pregnancy, no matter the size of my bump, but also be great for post-partum too – despite having a winter baby, dresses and leggings are likely to be my go-to for some time. 

Looking forward to?

We’re off to Silverstone tomorrow for the F1 British Grand Prix – my first live race, whereas it’s my husband’s 10th year! But baby-wise, just one more week until we get to see sticky bean again and get our official due date!.

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