I’ve suffered with anxiety since late 2019 and went on to experience my first ever panic attack in February 2020. From there, it’s been a frustrating journey: where did this come from? What triggers it? Which symptoms are perfectly normal and which are something to be concerned about? These are all questions I’ve had since day one, so I know there are others out there who are in the same boat as me.

I wasn’t sure how open I wanted to be about my anxiety. I have no shame in talking about, as should no one, but it can leave you feeling quite vulnerable opening up about something that affects your day-to-day life. So, I wanted to share my anxiety story, experiences with panic attacks, techniques that help me cope and more, with the hope someone finds this information useful.

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7 Things Anxiety Taught Me About Myself & Life

11th April 2022

It’s easy for us to look at anxiety as the enemy: the panic attacks, physical symptoms, intrusive thoughts and everything else that comes with it. It’s easy to remember anxiety from only negative memories. Afterall, it’s these negative experiences that leave us in fear, feeling our lowest, and not knowing how we could ever possibly […]

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pink silk weighted eye mask sat on top of a journal

Does a Weighted Eye Mask Help Ease Anxiety at Night?

2nd April 2022

I suffer with morning anxiety, but in recent weeks I’d started to suffer with bedtime anxiety too. Intrusive thoughts would come over me: “what if this or that happens in my sleep?”, and would cause me to overthink as soon as I settled under the duvet – even if I felt no anxiety moments prior […]

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Getting My Home Office Ready to Return to Work

31st March 2022

If you’ve read my anxiety story, you’ll know I took some time off work to focus on my mental health. After seven weeks however, I’m returning to the office! I’ll continue working from home, as I have for the past two years, but I plan to venture into the main office at some point. With […]

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7 Tips to Help You Sleep Better | World Health Day

27th March 2022

World Health Day is on 7th April, and is a day spent focused on our mental and physical wellbeing all around the globe. There are many ways we can take care of our health: mindfulness, healthy eating and exercise to name a few, but one of the key things to support our health is sleep. […]

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