21 Funny Things We Believed as Kids

Things We Believed as Kids

With thanks to those who brought us up as children, as kids we believed some pretty weird shit or just bad lies that we soon sussed out. Yet, they’re probably the kind of things I’d tell my kids one day, just because I feel like it’s the thing to do. Today’s post isn’t anything special, but instead is a throwback to the things we believed as kids – that I believed at least – and I hope you enjoy!

1 | Eating the crust will put hairs on your chest. 

2 | If you swallow the seed inside the apple, an apple tree will grow in your stomach.

3 | There are little people inside the traffic lights who watch you to see when it needed to turn green. 

4 | If you stayed in the bath for too long, you would shrink.

5 | The light sensors in the house went red when Santa was listening.

6 | If you touch a frog, you’ll get warts.

7 | Eating carrots would make you see in the dark.

8 | When me and my twin sister had our Confirmation, we genuinely believed we were drinking wine at the age of 10.

9 | Teachers lived at school.

10 | You’d die if you swallowed bubble gum.

11 | When it was raining, it was angels peeing on you.

12 | You got pregnant by kissing someone.

13 | If you flushed the toilet whilst sitting on it, you would be sucked in.

14 | Clouds were formed by Power Stations or ‘big chimneys’ as we used to call them.

15 | You can get sucked down the plughole in the bath. 

16 | If you picked your nose, your brain would fall out.

17 | If you pulled a face and the wind blows, your face will stay like that for life.

18 | Monsters under the bed – that’s still real by the way…

19 | Your belly button can come undone.

21 | My tooth fell out, but I accidentally swallowed it – stupid childbut I was told the tooth fairy wouldn’t come unless I wrote her a letter.

If there’s anything you believed in this post too, let me know in the comments below. Also share what you believed as a kid, or what you lied to your own kids about!

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