Why did you choose the name, ‘Kay Caton’?

That’s my name! It’s actually Kayleigh but it’s more often that people call me Kay or other nicknames they have for me. In the past I’ve had blog names like Scampi & Chips (don’t ask) and Coffee & Blogging, but I wanted to name the blog after myself in the end. I’m the author and creator after-all!

Who designed your blog?

The WordPress theme is called Flourish and is from Snug Designs. I could not recommend them enough. Set-up and co-designed by a fellow blogger, Holly Pryce, she’s created a successful business designing and selling both WordPress and Squarespace themes. It was a difficult choice but in the end, Flourish was definitely the theme for me.

What’s your day job?

For my full-time job, I work as a Global eCommerce Specialist for a well-known tableware brand. In my spare time I’m writing for my blog, doing bits of freelance work, or eating…

What camera do you use?

I have the Olympus E-PL8 which is lovely but it’s very rare I pick it up these days. I’ve considered selling it for well over a year but a part of me also doesn’t want to let it go. The images you’ll find on this blog are a mix, with a large amount being stock images (credits provided), the occasional image using my camera, or a few using the iPhone 12 Pro Max – the camera on that phone is incredible!

Are you on YouTube?

Nope. I tried getting on to YouTube well before it became a massive hype, and didn’t believe it was for me back then. Now, with all the added pressure to be ‘successful’ or ‘be seen’ on the platform, it has put me off for good. I don’t think I have the personality people look for on that channel.

Do you accept Guest Posts to feature on your blog?

I’d happily have you write for my blog. Whether you own your own lifestyle blog or are a like-minded digital marketing enthusiast, get in touch to see what’s possible. Of course I don’t charge for you to feature your post, but I’d often ask if I can perhaps write a post in return to feature on your blog if I think it’s relevant.

Any tips for starting a blog?

In all honesty, it’s difficult to give you a straight answer to this question without rambling on. There are so many blogging tips I could provide you with when it comes to starting your own blog. Whether it’s a lifestyle blog, travel, student, parenting, finance or any other niche, the foundation of setting up a blog remains the same. Check out my Blogger’s Guide for a hub of content to guide you through the process.