Blogger’s Guide

Welcome to your Blogger’s Guide. I like to believe this collection of blogging tips will help you along the way to develop your own blog; expand your knowledge; even learn a new skill altogether. I’ve already covered a variety of topics including, types of SEO links, image optimisation and brand opportunities. But it won’t stop there. I aim to update this Blogger’s Guide fortnightly with many more blogger tips and tricks to sink your teeth into.

I’ve been blogging since 2014, but wasn’t the original blog I started with. I’ve been through numerous blogging names; Scampi & Chips, A Dash of Cinnamon and Coffee & Blogging. Now here we are. You may be wondering why I wouldn’t keep a blog and simply rename it, especially having spent years building up its domain authority and presence – good question. I was new back then, I’ve learned from my mistakes and know now that this most definitely will be the last time I change my blog!

Want to learn more on a specific topic? Feel free to contact me with suggestions on blogging tips you’d like to see me cover – there’s only so much one woman can think of, so I welcome suggestions with open arms (maintaining social distance of course…).

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